Should News Outlets Hire More Christians?

English: Don't buy from Jews, Nazi propaganda

English: Don’t buy from Jews, Nazi propaganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just fine with me. But we have to consider these questions: Will christian journalists have the guts to break rules and opine without limiting themselves to Christian morals and ethics? Will they be without bias?
‘Conservatives have long lamented our East Coast secular media, charging that its worldview bias (even more than its overt political bias) skews America’s information supply. Too often, Christians feel like they’re cast as the type of fringe characters one might associate with the bar scene from Star Wars. (And remember, 77 percent of Americans identify as Christians.)

‘This longstanding lack of diversity in the newsroom is confirmed by the Times’ McCandlish Phillips obituary, which noted that “there were [no other evangelical Christians working at the Times] when he joined the paper.”

‘That was unfortunate. Media outlets who want to understand America should at least have a few journalists hanging around who share — or at least, aren’t hostile to — the Christian faith…’
Now imagine a christian journo reacting to an article like this: Why ‘Jews Are Evil’

‘Think like a Nazi, the assignment required students. Argue why Jews are evil.

‘Students in some Albany High School English classes were asked this week as part of a persuasive writing assignment to make an abhorrent argument: “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!”

‘Students were asked to watch and read Nazi propaganda, then pretend their teacher was a Nazi government official who needed to be convinced of their loyalty. In five paragraphs, they were required to prove that Jews were the source of Germany’s problems…’
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What Every Parent Should Know About Monsanto
‘…Many people, including children, have developed deadly allergies to peanuts and other food products. Imagine the trauma for a child who has to deal with their mortality every time they eat — how terrifying for the affected kids and their parents. According to, “Some critics of GM foods feel that the possibility exists that those genetically modified food crops may unintentionally introduce a new allergen — for example, a fish gene can be put into a plant…. ” Although I am fan of sushi, I don’t really think it is necessary to cross-breed it with my strawberries — especially considering the potential adverse reaction. PBS then goes on to explain…’

Night Owls More Likely to Suffer from Nightmares, Survey Suggests
‘A preliminary study hints that people who hit the hay later are more prone to bad dreams, but the reason remains unclear…’
According to a research, eating just before sleeping causes many to have nightmares. And late sleepers tend to do that. So why isn’t this mentioned as a reason in the research?


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