Maine Hermit is the new Robin Hood

Knight gets Offers of Marriage, Bail
Maine-State-Police-HERMIT-31-250x250‘Bail for Christopher T. Knight — the North Pond Hermit — was hiked to $250,000 Sunday following two additional charges and a fear that people from across the country want to exploit him, the lead state police investigator said Sunday.

‘Those overtures include a marriage proposal from a woman living out of state and a man described as elusive who attempted to post the previous $5,000 bond for Knight on Saturday…’

FDA Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market
‘On the morning of May 3, 2010, three agents of the Food and Drug Administration descended upon the Houston office of Cetero Research, a firm that conducted research for drug companies worldwide.

‘Lead agent Patrick Stone, now retired from the FDA, had visited the Houston lab many times over the previous decade for routine inspections. This time was different. His team was there to investigate a former employee’s allegation that the company had tampered with records and manipulated test data…’

Leaked documents show $32 trillion hidden in offshore accounts
‘With the 2013 tax deadline looming, new documents have leaked showing that there is an estimated $32 trillion dollars hiding away in offshore tax havens. Yes, $32 trillion.

‘While millions of Americans are working hard to file their taxes, and while Head Start programs and cancer treatment centers are being shut down because of the sequester, this is just another example of how the wealthy are becoming egregiously rich at the expense of everyone else…’

Please, sign our petition urging Congress and President Obama to take action to crack down on offshore tax havens.

European Powers Vow to Fight Tax Haven Secrecy
‘The Times said the reports by ICIJ and its media partners around the world have “set off something of a scramble to calm public anger over widespread tax dodging by the rich at a time when governments are cutting their budgets and calling on citizens to pay higher taxes.” Media in Europe and elsewhere have given front-page play to stories about ICIJ’s reports, which have become known in shorthand on Twitter and in many news outlets simply as “Offshore Leaks.”…’


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