Tips For Finding A Suspected Terrorist

Family Guy & Beer @ Virgin Atlantic
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‘Family Guy’ Episode Censored Because of Bombing
Alex Jones made the connection to Family Guy when he tweeted an InfoWars article titled “Family Guy Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack.” When YouTube pulled the clip, InfoWars updated the article to state that the video “is not a hoax” and that its removal is designed to censor “your right to merely talk about it.” Despite widespread criticism of Jones’ commentary on the incident, however, he remains undeterred. “Seth MacFarlane created a cartoon which made fun of terrorist bombings and depicted mutilated Boston Marathon runners,” he wrote on Twitter. “Yet he is labeling people who merely talk about the episode as ‘abhorrent.'”…’

More Questions re Boston Bombing
‘We’re not the only ones asking if elements of the government had foreknowledge of the Boston event.

‘Given the government’s track record around events like this, it’s a fair question reasonable people are right to ask…’


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