Useful Low-cost Digital Camera Hacks

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‘The prime amateur photography lesson is that it’s just about composition and light. But the second most important lesson was taught to me by a professional photographer whom I hesitantly asked about the best kinds of photography accessories. He told me to just shoot more and learn till I find that I can’t absolutely do without that extra accessory. It’s all about squeezing the most out of what you have till you can’t squeeze anymore.

‘And when you hit the wall, you can squeeze some more by hacking day-to-day objects into nifty camera accessories. Yes, they might not do anything for your style, but they won’t hit your bank account either. So, here’s a roundup of some useful digital camera hacks that don’t cost the Earth and the moon…’
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eMail Spam, Phishing and Spoofing
‘We have to admit that cyber criminals and scammers are very artistic and inventive individuals. They seem to always find a way or two in trying to trick computer users into falling to their traps. For most of us, these three terms seem to denote the same thing. However, they are very different from each other. Let’s take a look at their definitions…’

Firefox 23 will Kill Mixed Content
And how to test Firefox 23 change on unsecured content before it happens
It will make our PCs safer but it will probably block contents we are going to use

‘…A typical page is composed of many elements, sometimes hundreds. You have the HTML file, but also images, stylesheets, scripts, fonts and so on. So what happens if you connect to a secure site, but some of these assets come from an unsecured connection? This is what we call mixed content. You end up with a page that is secure, and has the SSL icon, but may also content images, scripts or more that came from a non-encrypted connection. Browsers have various ways to deal with this situation. Some will show you a warning message; others will simply use a broken lock icon. But the result for the end user is that they may realize something is amiss, but there is no easy way for them to know what exactly is not secure…’

Plato on-line’s Edited Menus
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Fighting Phishing with a Bot
MillerHighLife21 has this great idea:
‘I’m at a business that has to deal with a lot of phishing attacks and we’ve spent a significant amount of time over the last year building security policies to deal with it (Geographic account locking, etc). It’s helped to protect accounts when compromised, but the continued phishing is a huge annoyance and a waste of time. I’ve been wondering about trying to actively become just as much of a pain to them as they are to me by setting up a bot to spam the login forms of phishing sites that our users report to us until we get them taken down.’

Anyone knows if Miller’s idea would be legal? Can he use a VPN to use his bot anonymously safe?


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