Things a PC Can Do and a Tablet Cannot

A Typical Tablet PC Screenshot, showing a dock...

A Typical Tablet PC Screenshot, showing a docked TIP from Tablet PC Edition 2005 and Internet Explorer 6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘At PCWorld, we wonder how humankind would survive on tablets alone. Tablets are great for casual Web browsing and catching up on email, but can they deliver everything we need in the so-called post-PC era?

‘Before you answer, walk with me through a tour of the PC’s greatest talents. These are the benefits you’ll give up when your last PC dies and you decide you can get by without a replacement…’
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Secret Dialogue: Google’s Schmidt and Wikileaks’ Assange
‘Google chairman Eric Schmidt and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange secretly met in 2011 and held a lengthy interview, according to a transcript published on the whistleblowing site. The leak is surprisingly timely — Schmidt was apparently conducting research with Jared Cohen for the pair’s book The New Digital Age, which is set to be released on Tuesday. Assange was under house arrest in England at the time the five-hour conversation took place.

Shameless Tweeters
‘The person responsible for the tweets is no doubt feeling a mix of regret, guilt and shame. But he or she is in good company: just take a look at tweets from Kenneth Cole on the 2011 protests in Egypt; the National Rifle Association’s pro-gun tweet the day of the Aurora, Colo., shooting last July; and a tweet from Gap that used Hurricane Sandy to promote its online store…’

Why Manual Antivirus Scans Are Unnecessary
‘Do you regularly open your antivirus program and run scans? Microsoft Security Essentials and other antivirus programs think you need to, warning you that your computer may be at risk if you haven’t done so in a while.

‘In reality, these manual scans aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You can generally ignore your antivirus and it will do its job in the background without any help from you, only alerting you when it finds a problem…’

CrunchBang Operating System
CrunchBang uses the Openbox window manager. Openbox is lightweight and speedy, and as a result, CrunchBang is fast. Also, whilst CrunchBang is not primarily designed for older systems, it has been reported to operate very well where system resources are limited. Once installed, CrunchBang should boot-up and operate faster than a regular Debian GNOME/KDE installation.

Windows XP
When your Windows XP blackscreen of death tells you ‘Operating System Not Found’, it could mean that your hard drive is broken and useless (what happened with mine). But next year (Windows will finally kill XP) when that screen of death appears, it would most probably be accurate.


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