Should We Care About Tsarnaev’s Miranda Rights?

Police Converge Mass
Just imagine you were mistaken for Tsarnaev and you forgot your rights and police won’t remind you?
‘There is one specific circumstance in which it makes sense to hold off on Miranda. It’s exactly what the name of the exception suggests. The police can interrogate a suspect without offering him the benefit of Miranda if he could have information that’s of urgent concern for public safety. That may or may not be the case with Tsarnaev. The problem is that Attorney General Eric Holder has stretched the law beyond that scenario. And that should trouble anyone who worries about the police railroading suspects, which can end in false confessions. No matter how unsympathetic accused terrorists are, the precedents the government sets for them matter outside the easy context of questioning them. When the law gets bent out of shape for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it’s easier to bend out of shape for the rest of us…’
Here’s the legal history

Reddit and the Post Compelled FBI to Release Brothers’ Photos
‘One of the most interesting details from the Washington Post’s steller tick-tock of the F.B.I. investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings has to be the reason they decided to release the photos of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev: to fend off Reddit and the New York Post…’
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Glenn Beck’s Info on Obama Bombing Coverup Released [Videos]
Glenn Beck gives US government until Monday to come clean about Boston bombing cover-up [VIDEO]
‘Glenn Beck says the response to the Boston Marathon bombing will determine whether America survives and says The Blaze will expose the government cover-up on Monday…’

Foreign reports link Saudi with Islamic terrorists
‘Glenn Beck’s big story tomorrow will likely revolve around the Saudi person of interest, 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi’s family ties to Islamic terrorism, as the wheels come off the official narrative concocted around the Boston Marathon bombings.

‘Below, Alex details the brazen terror plot unfolding before our very eyes…’

The Twitter News Network Trumps CNN….Again
News no longer breaks, it Tweets

‘As police surrounded the second suspect while he hid in a recreational boat in the backyard of a home in Watertown, I shifted from online to TV. Yes…my phone was nearby and it was in fact my second screen. I tuned in to Anderson Cooper on CNN to witness the apprehension as it happened.

‘Cooper cut to a report from a CNN field correspondent, who shared unconfirmed cheers among local residents. In that moment, I saw a Tweet come through on my phone from @Boston_Police, “Suspect in custody. Officers sweeping the area. Stand by for further info.”…’
full story


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