Boston Police’s Brilliant Handling of Social Media

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This was a first. Commissioner Davis and Public Information Chief Cheryl Fiandaca led conversation with citizens (mostly netizens) during the Boston manhunt to prevent misinformation.

‘They used Twitter to track and correct the misinformation that media outlets spread…’
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Ironically after the successful manhunt for the second Boston bomber, this next piece which seems contradictory to the article above was published:

Reddit + Boston: Journalism gets better when more people are doing it
‘While both Twitter and Reddit have come under fire for distributing incorrect information about the Boston bombings, mainstream outlets have done so as well. In a real-time news environment, having more sources is ultimately better…’ link

Was that ironic or ridiculous?

Blogs and Bloggers That Earn
‘While most of these self-publishers don’t attract the attention of anyone other than indulgent family and friends, there are those who find wider recognition and some income. What the successful have in common is a passion for their subject and a near-compulsion to share what they know. Advertising, merchandising, offline events, book deals, donations and sometimes sheer luck also play a part…’
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First book printed in America could sell for $30m
And the book is part of the Bible
‘The first book printed in America is expected to fetch up to $30m (£20m) when it goes under the hammer in New York later this year.

‘The Bay Psalm Book, which was printed in Massachusetts in 1640, is one of 11 remaining copies of a translated version of the Book of Psalms…’


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