A Googler’s Nightmare

Google Voice

Google Voice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Google banned me from AdSense without explanation, I thought it was a severe case of dictatorship. But I recently learned not to expect explanations from Busy FREE services.

Google can suspend your accounts without notice and explanation. When that happened to Tienlon Ho, he tried asking friends who work at Google for help but no one knows how they can.

‘A few minutes into my Google-less existence, I realized how dependent I had become. I couldn’t finish my work or my taxes, because my notes and expenses were stored in Google Drive, and I didn’t know what else I should work on because my Google calendar had disappeared. I couldn’t publicly gripe about what I was going through, because my Blogger no longer existed. My Picasa albums were gone. I’d lost my contacts and calling plan through Google Voice; otherwise I would have called friends to cry…’

5 days later, Tienlon got lucky and a friend was able to file the right internal escalation paperwork on his behalf. The next day, Tienlon’s account was restored. He also finally learned why Google ‘dumped’ him: he made a spreadsheet that contains a client’s account numbers and passwords.
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Manual Retweeting is a Shame
You can do a ‘manual retweet’ by typing in “RT” before someone else’s tweet. And when you do that, you ‘plagiarise’ a tweet and rob the original tweeter of potential retweets and favorites. So instead of doing manual RTs, why not just use ‘reply’ and say what you want? That’s as legit as real RTs and is what I do.

Preschoolers To Code Before Learning To Read
If the indigent African children were able to hack tablets without any aid and assistance in the OLPC experiment, how easier this would be

‘Preschool and kindergarten are recommended times for kids to learn a new language, while they’re still in the process of learning their first one. So Grechen Huebner and her cofounder, Jon Mattingly, created an app that teaches kids to program – before they’ve even learned how to read.

‘The idea behind the iPad app, Kodable, is just that simple: create an app to make programming a child’s second language as early as possible in the child’s life. Kodable is designed for children between the ages of five and seven, but Huebner said it’s been tested and enjoyed by kids as young as three…’

The Dangers Of Light Pollution [Time-Lapse Video]
‘The creative agency Super Frog Saves Tokyo uses light painting techniques for a hard-hitting visual about the night sky.

‘Super Frog Saves Tokyo, a very unique agency that ‘engages a global audience by building stories from social theory,’ recently collaborated with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) to draw attention to this problem.

‘Not being able to see the stars may seem like a trivial inconvenience, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Light pollution around the world is disrupting local and regional environments, having an effect on not only wildlife but people as well…’


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