Discovery: Internet’s Physical Infrastructure

Where the Internet is stored

Where the Internet is stored (Photo credit: debs)

Can a squirrel ‘chew the Internet’?
How a squirrel sent a journalist around the world to uncover the Internet’s physical infrastructure

‘“He said something to me that changed my life. He said ‘I think a squirrel is chewing on your internet’. And this of course seemed preposterous, because as all of you know the internet is the great changer of everything, it has changed revolutions, and dating and shopping and anything that you might imagine.

‘“But I got a very clear image in my head, and I realized that if I yanked the wire from the wall, it had to go someplace.”

‘Blum went on an adventure to find the buildings, installations and people who make the Internet what it is today. The results were extraordinary and in many ways, completely unexpected…’

A Social Network For Emergencies [Video]
SF72 is San Francisco’s gathering place for emergency preparedness.

‘We believe in connection, not catastrophe. We believe in the power of many pairs of hands. We believe in supporting the city we love.

‘If disaster strikes, will go into emergency mode–you can access live updates and tweets from around the city, check for missing persons, and learn about how you can help…’

Golden Rules for Tweeting During a Crisis
‘The events of last week concerning the Boston Marathon bombing as well as the recent hacking of the AP Twitter feed had community and social media managers everywhere on high radar when it came to looking after the company and personal Twitter accounts alike.

‘But when there are so many apps and free websites available to choose from to sync an account up for scheduled tweets, and with so many businesses opting for tweet scheduling in an effort to cut back on time and expense, can the original tweet that acknowledges a crisis cut in?

‘Absolutely. All those out there who manage Twitter accounts for companies, take a second to jot down these four golden rules for tweeting during a crisis…’
the rules

When to use Categories or Tags in WordPress



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