Should Amazon Ban Short-Short Fiction?

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How Short a Short Story Is
‘A work that is less than 7,500 words is typically defined as a short story, and a short-short can be as short as a thousand words.’

Just a few days ago, I wondered if my different editions of my eBook on Amazon and Bookrix will compete negatively and queried forums. Now comes this new concern. An eBook should be a BOOK and not just one short story. So yes, I say ban short-short stories from Kindle. Imagine an eBook with just a thousand words!

‘There is a report over on KBoards earlier this week that Amazon might be about to adopt a new minimum word count for ebooks sold in the Kindle Store.According to the email that one author received, Amazon is going to remove ebooks that are less than 2,500 words long.

‘KBoards member MarlaB posted the email which says: “In the best interest of Kindle customers, we remove titles from sale that may create a poor customer experience. Content that is less than 2,500 words is often disappointing to our customers and does not provide an enjoyable reading experience.”…’
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The Risks in Social Media
‘We know that the benefits of using social media are profound. Through social networking, many businesses have grown, and individual users have blossomed many great friendships and found support when needed. Social media can be a huge blessing. However, at the same time, if you are not careful with how you use it, social media can be a huge curse.Just like anything in life, there are benefits as well as risks to using social media.

‘And, just like with anything in life, when it comes to social media, recognizing the risks is the first step in managing them…’

Isn’t ‘Social Media’ Oxymoronic?
media – the means of communication that reach large numbers of people, such as television, newspapers, and radio

Media is already social so why the term ‘social media’? Why not the term ‘alternative media’ instead? Even defining social media as: Any medium used for socializing, ‘social media’ would still sound wrong wouldn’t it?

Livetweets on an Assassination Attempt
‘Alabama native and former Al-Shabaab jihadi Omar Hammami livetweeted an alleged attempt on his life on Thursday by one of his former fellow fighters.Hammami, also known as Abu Mansour al-Amriki, is an American who moved to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab, a militant group there, and achieved a level of Internet fame for his jihadi raps.

‘He had a falling-out with Shabaab and has since been engaged in a war of words with them over the Internet. He has accused Shabaab of plotting to kill him.

‘He is a frequent Twitter user and has a following mostly of national security experts and journalists, whom he sometimes interacts with. Hammami is currently living in an undisclosed location in Somalia…’
see actual tweets


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