War Against Personal Photography and Video Coming

Microsoft and Flickr

Microsoft and Flickr (Photo credit: mlcastle)

‘Are you ready for the imagery war — the war against personal photography and capturing of video? You’d better be.

‘The title of this piece actually isn’t entirely accurate. In some ways, this war isn’t just coming, it’s already begun. Forces are lining up on both sides, under the radar for most of us so far, but preparing for action. And right now, if I had to place a bet (cash, not bitcoins, please), I’d reluctantly have to predict the anti-imagery folks have the better chance of winning…’
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Visualization of invisible magnetic fields
Remember that magnetic fields cancer-causing

‘Short of putting a magnet in your finger, humans aren’t able to directly sense magnetic fields — but we can see some of the effects that they have on the world around us. Artist Carsten Nicolai has built an installation with an effect that anyone who’s owned a CRT display may be familiar with: as a magnet passes near its surface, the electrons that build the display’s picture are pushed around, warping the image into a psychedelic spectacle…’

Can You Live With Just a Chrome Browser?
Even though I don’t think so, Chrome OS is still my primary backup OS

‘There was a time when you needed to download all your email messages over POP3 and store them on your computer, ensuring you regularly backed up your email program’s data so you wouldn’t lose your email. Now they’re generally stored online and accessed in a web-based client. Even if you use a local email app, you’re probably accessing your email using IMAP, which stores the main copy of your email on the remote server.

‘Services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora have obsoleted huge music collections. Google Docs (and even Microsoft’s Office Web apps) is good enough for most average users, who don’t need all the advanced features found in Microsoft Office. Microsoft is even pushing simpler, “cloud-based” apps with its new Modern interface in Windows 8…’
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Intel Goes Google
So what happens if Intel dumps Windows?
Intel has been synonymous with Windows PCs seemingly forever. But it’s trying to change that in a hurry. Enter Google.

Stolen Camera Finder
This web app uses the serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera
try the search here


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