What It Takes To Make Us Thrive or Happy

A new look at the famous Harvard study of what makes people happy
Are you mom’s enemy (like me)? Chances are your health will suffer

rossparry.co-RPY_REG_DEAN_AM02‘Vaillant revisited the data he had been studying since the 1960s for his book, an experience that further convinced him that what matters most in life are relationships. For instance, the 58 men who scored highest on measurements of “warm relationships” earned an average of $141,000 a year more at their peak salaries (usually between ages 55 and 60) than the 31 men who scored lowest; the former were also three times more likely to have achieved professional success worthy of inclusion in Who’s Who. And, in a conclusion that surely would have pleased Freud, the findings suggest that the warmth of your relationship with Mommy matters long into adulthood. Specifically:…’

Things That Can Influence Our Memory
‘When we experience something, there’s a variety of different factors which determine how well we’ll remember it—and how we’ll feel about it later on. Science has tasked itself with exploring the things which make our memory tick. Here are ten ways you can manipulate this fundamental part of your mind:…’
the list

Tale of a Shipwreck’s Sole Survivor
On. Nov. 28, 1966, the SS Daniel J. Morrell capsized during a storm, taking 28 of its 29 crewman to the bottom of Lake Huron.
The sole survivor was Dennis Hale. He clung to life over the next 34 hours in a life raft in the blizzard and was 25 pounds lighter when rescued.

‘The SS Daniel J. Morrell was the second-to-last shipwreck on the Great Lakes, torn apart by a fierce blizzard on Nov. 28, 1966. Dennis Hale was the sole survivor of that wreck, and his harrowing tale is detailed in the Morning News. Hale had been sleeping when, around midnight, the 60-year-old ship started to break up amid 25-foot waves. He just had time to grab a lifejacket and pea coat—though no pants—before the life raft launched, but the pulverized ship slammed into the raft, knocking everyone into the water. Only four made it back into the life raft. By the morning, two of them were dead, and the third man died a few hours later, with the life raft just 200 yards from shore…’
Hale’s story

Famous Artists Accused of Stealing Music
Madonna, Radiohead, and even Led Zeppelin are some in the list.
read full list


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