Update on Video Vigilantism

metro bystanders

metro bystanders (Photo credit: nj dodge)

Are they going too far?
‘Metro police are reporting a surge in so-called sovereign citizens. The FBI defines them as people who don’t believe they have to answer to government authority.

‘More and more, those people are interfering with everyday police traffic stops.

‘”We have had situations where a sovereign citizen was stopped, and they immediately got on their cell phone,” said Al Salinas, a Metro officer and director of the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center.

‘”Within a short amount of time, a second vehicle arrives at the officer’s stop, and there are several individuals within that vehicle that are videotaping the police officer,” Salinas continued…’

Mathematician Finally Cracks POW’s Coded Letters
Messages hidden inside letters sent during WWII

‘For 60 years, mysterious coded letters from a British prisoner of war have refused to give up their secrets.

‘Relatives of imprisoned naval officer John Pryor were unable to discover the hidden messages in the dozens of letters he sent back to his family.

‘Finally, with the help of a top mathematician, the wartime cipher has been cracked…’
Jon Kay reports

Discrepancies in Amanda Knox Memoirs
BBC: Knox’s Memoir Contradicts Her Prison Diary

‘…there are discrepancies between her memoir and her own descriptions early on in the case of why she made certain written declarations to police.In the memoir, Knox describes getting emotional as she watched the footage of the man she initially blamed for the murder, Patrick Lumumba, walking out of prison as a free man and standing with his wife and baby after he was cleared…’

Murder of DB Cooper Colleague Revives Skyjacking Mystery
‘The man who packed the parachutes used by infamous skyjacker D.B. Cooper more than four decades ago has been identified as the victim of a homicide in Washington state…’


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