Why You Still Need a Home Landline

A landline telephone

A landline telephone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Planning to ditch your landline phone? Don’t. Here’s why
‘During an emergency phone call, while you’re inside an apartment building, your cell phone can let the operator know what building you’re in but not which apartment in which the emergency is occurring. When you have a landline, the operator can see this information and inform the ambulance crew which apartment you are in before they arrive…’
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Lesser-known Computer Maintenance Tips
There are two compelling reasons for regularly moving files off your desktop. Your computer will start up more quickly, since the system doesn’t have to display all those file icons. Also, your system may not be configured to back up files on the desktop.
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Tech Skills Not Wanted by HR Anymore
Technology Skills That Will No Longer Help You Get A Job

‘A survey of 1,100 tech-hiring professionals by Dice, a job firm for tech professionals, offers some insight. Combining the Dice survey and other research, including an off-the-record conversation with an engineering VP who participates in hiring decisions, here are some of the outdated tech skills and withering technologies to be wary of putting on your resume:…’
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Top 5 Travel Apps
by Drew Hendricks

‘This weekend, I’m going on a trip to California. It’s my first time on the West Coast, the first time I will ever see the Pacific Ocean and Redwood forests. I’m excited beyond measure, because one of the things I love to do most is travel.

‘And I absolutely always have my phone on me, so it made me think – how can my phone help me when I travel?…’
the apps

Reviewing RPG II
I’m doing that. I sense it will trigger my interest in programming again. If you want to know what RPG is, here’s the link


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