Healthy Thoughts Create Healthy Hormones

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In case you’ve forgotten, a hormone is a chemical released by one or more cells that affects cells in other parts of the organism.
‘What determines which of the chemicals that are released by the brain? Your thoughts, your beliefs, and your perceptions – your mind interpreting the world. My perception of someone I love causes me to release chemicals [that encourage] pleasure, bonding, relationships, growth hormone – hormones that when they get into the blood enhance a body’s health and maintenance of the body and growth of the body…’
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This game keeps ageing players sharp for months
‘People who use a ‘brain-workout’ program for just 10 hours have a mental edge over their peers even a year later, researchers report today in PLoS ONE1.

‘The game was developed by academic researchers but is now sold under the name Double Decision by Posit Science, based in San Francisco, California. (Posit did not fund the study.) Players are timed on how fast they click on an image in the centre of the screen and on others that appear around the periphery. The program ratchets up the difficulty as a player’s performance improves…’

Off-The-Wall Survival Tricks And Tools
Seal a Lung Puncture with Plastic
‘This is honestly something you should never attempt, and hopefully you’re never in a situation that would call for you to perform first aid on a lung puncture-but hey, knowledge is power. A sucking chest wound is a type of wound that penetrates through the chest wall and into the lung. Because of the extra lung hole, air can escape through the chest with a distinctive “sucking” sound (hence the name).

‘Needless to say, sucking chest wounds are usually fatal unless they’re treated immediately-and when you’re thousands of miles from the nearest hospital, you’d think that would be bad news.

‘But here’s what you can do: find a piece of plastic (saran wrap is perfect) with which you can seal the hole, so that the chest cavity around the lung doesn’t get more air pressure than the lung itself. If this happens, the lung will collapse. When you seal the hole, leave a flap at the bottom that will allow air to leave through the wound without entering it. This may seem useless now, but you never know-you might have to save someone’s life someday…’
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Lesser-Known But Important Human Senses
Why do so many drunks die of hypothermia? Because alcohol shuts off Thermoception — without this, we will not sense hypothermia

‘This one might not be too surprising-but it’s important to note that your sense of hot and cold is not just part of your sense of touch, but in fact a separate sense of its own.

‘Our thermo-receptors detect both hot and cold, among other things letting our bodies adjust to temperature change in our environment. The thermo-receptor signals are delivered via the spinal cord, and eventually reach the thalamus, where they inform us of what we need to know…’
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10 Amazing Facts About DNA



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