Make Your Netbook Run Smoothly

How to increase system performance of Netbooks
All these tips are applicable to laptops and desktops too

~Avoid brightness of screen
That is not only eye-straining but also damaging to screen

~Update OS Service Packs regularly
~Update all programs and apps regularly
Same reason for both: if not done, entry of malwares would be easier

~Customize all start-up programs, as minimum as possible
The more start-ups, the slower your system (same with the next 3)

~Show minimum folders on desktop
~Delete temporary files stored in .tmp folder of system
~Clear browser cache and cookies
~Empty your recycle-bin regularly
At least when trash files reaches 50MB

~Run system cleaner on regular basis
~Defragment your system at least once a week
~Scan system for Virus or Malware regularly
~Do not store data in OS(Operating System) drive
We can never be sure if a virus is hiding inside a file

~Do not run external drives without scan
To be sure that those drives are not infected

~Drain your battery after eliminating virus or malware
One way of making sure a virus is dead
Computer Safety and Infection Prevention
Malwarebytes (MBAM) Portable

The importance of having a portable AV
This app might have saved my PC from virus twice. In both cases, MBAM caught a deadly virus that eluded both Microsoft Security Essentials and SuperAntispyware. The last time, it caught a nasty Trojan that prevented me from connecting to the Net and gave me trouble for more than 48 hours straight. And the probable reason why MBAM was successful is that it isn’t installed (local) in my PC. It’s in your portable flashdrive which makes it hidden to viruses. You’re taking a great risk if you don’t have MBAM Portable.

Problems a Trojan Virus Bring
1. Will interfere with everything you do with your PC and slow it down
2. Will prevent you from connecting on-line
3. Will even interfere with your online games while you are playing

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