The Dark Side of US Home Schooling

Homeschooling schedules

Homeschooling schedules (Photo credit: verymom)

America’s Christian right tried to train up ‘culture warriors’
So this is both an educational and political issue

‘When he was growing up in California, Ryan Lee Stollar was a stellar home schooling student. His oratory skills at got him invited to home schooling conferences around the country, where he debated public policy and spread the word about the “virtues” of an authentically Christian home school education.

‘Now 28, looking back on his childhood, it all seems like a delusion. As Stollar explains:

‘”The Christian home school subculture isn’t a children-first movement. It is, for all intents and purposes, an ideology-first movement. There is a massive, well-oiled machine of ideology that is churning out soldiers for the culture war. Home schooling is both the breeding ground – literally, when you consider the Quiverfull concept – and the training ground for this machinery. I say this as someone who was raised in that world.”…’
full story

Stollar’s website

Cleveland Rescue or Another Conspiracy?
Why is it that law enforcement acted on this incident only after nine years? What is mainstream media smokescreening again?

Nine years before rescue, cops visited Cleveland home where women were held

‘In 2004, Cleveland police showed up at Ariel Castro’s home on Seymour Avenue after Castro, a school bus driver, left behind one of his young passengers.

‘When no one answered, the cops left — never realizing that behind the door were two women who had vanished off the streets and would remain captive until they were rescued this week, along with a third woman missing for almost a decade…’

An AP report also says that Elsie Clinton reported years ago that her daughter saw a naked woman crawling in Castro’s backyard.

Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard react to Cleveland kidnapping
See how Dugards case starkly resemble the Castro case

Cop Arrested for Kidnapping Citizen Journalist
‘WeAreChange recently got a chance to meet up with Alex from Federal Jack and Hack Miami, to get the full story of his arrest and destruction of evidence by the Miami Police Department. Alex was arrested for merely filming the police in Miami, the police later illegally deleted the footage from Alex’s camera and charged him with resisting arrest. The Miami Police officer who made the arrest, Richard Anastasi was later found guilty of extortion and kidnapping in a separate case…’

Burger King Admits Burgers Contain Horsemeat
I won’t be surprised if another fastfood chain admits to this scam

‘In a piece of highly disturbing news, Burger King has now admitted after continuous denial that it has actually been selling UK customers both burgers and Whoppers that contain horsemeat. This admission comes just after The Guardian reports that Burger King reps offered a round of ‘absolute assurances’ to customers that it did not ever use horsemeat in its products…’


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