Are Facebookers Anti-activists?

Dashburst-dislike-button-stop-sign-300x225Unbelievable. These haters are so cheap they even bully the respected paralyzed professor
‘…Israelis reacted angrily to the decision and Prof Hawking, 71, was subjected to a spate of abusive messages on Facebook mocking his physical disability.

‘Israel Maimon, the conference chairman, called the decision “outrageous and wrong” and added: “The academic boycott against Israel is in our view outrageous and improper, certainly for someone for whom the spirit of liberty lies at the basis of his human and academic mission.”…’

Facebook Rattles Networking World With ‘Open Source’ Gear
‘Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg and company turned the hardware world on its head when they launched the Open Compute Project, an effort to improve every aspect of the modern data center and share the results with the world at large. They began by “open sourcing” fresh designs for computer servers and power systems and cooling equipment. Then they did the same with hardware that stores massive amounts of digital data. Then they remade the racks that hold all these machines. And now it’s time for the networking gear.

‘The idea is to design a networking switch that anyone can load with their own operating system — just as you can load your own OS on a computer server. Typically, networking switches are sold by hardware giants such as Cisco and HP and Dell, and they ship with software specific to the company that designed them. But Facebook aims to separate the hardware from the software…’

The 10-Year-Old Inventor
How a question from 10-year-old son triggered an invention

‘Owen takes golf lessons, and his coach uses a swing analyzer that’s just too big and clunky for Owen. “They have these huge machines,” Owen says, momentarily taking his eyes off the battery. Len chimes in. “He said, ‘Dad, can’t they put all that stuff in a golf tee?’”

‘So the two got to work on what has to be the world’s cutest patent application: a drawing of a golf tee that shows where a small camera will go. Inside the ball, a GPS sensor will determine how far the ball travels. Together, the sensor and camera will send data to a smartphone for instant swing analysis. “It’s supposed to track speed and distance,” Owen says…’

Bad Tech News
80% Developers Don’t Generate Revenue
If that happens to programmers, I won’t be surprised if it’s happening to freelancers too

Become Your Own Spy Agency
‘…Search for confidential Excel spreadsheets the company inadvertently posted online by typing “filetype:xls site:za confidential” into Google, the book notes.

‘Want to find spreadsheets full of passwords in Russia? Type “filetype:xls site:ru login.” Even on websites written in non-English languages the terms “login,” “userid,” and “password” are generally written in English, the authors helpfully point out…’


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