Global Time-lapse Map from 1984 to 2012

English: Animation of Blue Marble Next Generat...

English: Animation of Blue Marble Next Generation monthly global images from NASA Earth Observatory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

View how fast Las Vegas is overcrowding
‘Built from millions of satellite images and trillions of pixels, you can explore this global, zoomable time-lapse map as part of TIME’s new Timelapse project. View stunning phenomena such as the sprouting of Dubai’s artificial Palm Islands, the retreat of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier, the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon and urban growth in Las Vegas from 1984 to 2012:…’

PC Cleaning Apps are a Scam
How to Actually Clean Your PC
‘Let’s say you want to clean your PC just like a PC cleaner would. Here’s what you can do:

‘Run the Disk Cleanup tool included with Windows. It’s focused on freeing up space on your hard drive, but it will also delete old temporary files and other useless things. Just tap the Windows key, type Disk Cleanup, and press Enter to launch it. You can even schedule a Disk Cleanup to clean your computer automatically.

Clear your browser history or — even better — set your browser to automatically clear its history when you close it if you don’t want to store a history.

Run the Disk Defragmenter included with Windows. This isn’t necessary if you use a solid-state drive.

Don’t bother with a registry cleaner. If you must, use the free CCleaner, which has the best-tested registry cleaner out there. It will also delete temporary files for other programs — CCleaner alone does much more than these PC cleaning apps do.

Set Up a Customized Group of People to Email with Outlook
‘If you email the same set of people frequently, you can set up a custom distribution list. I have long thought the distribution list feature should be simpler. There are a lot of tricks to using it correctly that are not intuitive. For example, it’s generally called “distribution list,” but the button you need is called New Contact Group…’

Compose your music fast with this app
ScoreCleaner listens to your melodies, then writes them out in notation

‘The most compelling thing about ScoreCleaner Notes is its simplicity. Users can play a melody into their smartphone’s microphone and moments later its key, tempo, time signature and the musical notation itself will pop up on the screen. Ask just about any musician and they’ll tell you that this is a tool that they would most definitely welcome…’

Registry Alert
A freeware software that helps you protect your computer from spywares or from other software which start automatically on system start up and effect your computer performance. As default, it will monitor your start up registry keys, if it found any changes then it will give you a alert and allow you to stop those running processes. You can add specific registry key into ‘Always remove list’ after that it will automatically remove that registry key. You can add your own registry keys for monitoring.


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