My Worst Blunder at WordPress Editing

Blog of the day once again

Blog of the day once again (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

If you are writing a new WP post, don’t use your browser return tab then click on ‘add new post’. I did that and previous posts were replaced by the new posts — the previous posts were deleted! And the funny thing was that I didn’t notice at once because I really don’t read my own blogs — I just scan them. I only noticed my blunder when I noticed that 2 posts were missing. Yes, I committed the blunder twice! What I did to restore the deleted posts:

I went to my WP mail notifications and opened ‘post changed’
This is the important part: I clicked the WP button ‘add new post’ then pasted and copied the deleted one. I saved it as a draft. I needed to do that to get the right publishing date sequences
I restored the one with the ‘restore’ option then repeated the step above

That was a bit easy. The hard part was creating tags and categories again (still have to do that)!

Online Things that Will Never Die
If you surf the social media web a lot, chances are you will stumble upon a lot of pieces about this app and that network or site dying. And most of those are plain dumb it’s sickening. The things I’m convinced will never die:

The online business world will simply not exist without emailing. Ever notice that the first thing a website asks for your registration is your email address? Digital business uses mail subscriptions and mail newsletters. Replace mail deliveries with RSS feeds? Try that and see how very much more time you will be wasting.

Ahh… The most targeted of all. Most probably because it’s the tool most whistleblowers use. Corruption is all around us and our corrupt system don’t like being exposed. Even if the New World Order succeeds in shutting down all blogging platforms, it will have to kill all…

Social Networks
Because bloggers could also use them as alternative. And if or when that happens, you can be sure it’s the endtimes of the world.

Digital Activists
It’s possible to terminate them all. But as long as there’s oppression, a fiercer breed of activists will surely rise like the Phoenix. Every cause will always have its effect.

Have something to add? Please tell and do.


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