Spiritual Advice on Counterhacking

pcworld-cyberattack-100026010-largeWhosoever shall hack thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also
Why hacking back is not wise

‘While cybersecurity is an integral part of CloudFlare’s business, Prince cautions that any interaction with attackers carries risk. “Some people out there are real criminals. They have a way of fighting back,” he says.

‘Prince cites the example of Blue Security as a cautionary tale. This company drew raves—as well as criticism—for creating a way to spam back at spammers, clogging their systems and preventing them from sending out more spam. But the spammers fought back, unleashing attacks on Blue Security that caused collateral damage on the Internet. The company eventually closed down operations. “You can easily get in over your head,” says Prince…’

Draft of new book leaked online
I think this is a great publicity stunt idea — if your manuscript is very long

Candace Bushnell, the author famous for “Sex and the City”, has fallen victim to a hacker who not only broke into her Twitter account, but also posted extracts of her as-yet-unfinished next book online.Although the creator of Carrie Bradshaw seems to have expelled the hacker from her Twitter account, and deleted the offending tweets, an early draft version of what seem to be the first 50 pages of Bushnell’s book – currently entitled “Killing Monica” – are available online for anyone to download and read to their heart’s content…’

Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop
We at Livi Design have seen awesome accessories for a lot of phones, but no Smartphone manufacturer has had the courage to make an accessory that doesn’t lock it’s customers into buying their specific products forever for support and additional income.

The Casetop by Livi Design is an innovative evolution of the laptop but features some very exciting new ideas!

Any Android*, iPhone, or Blackberry 10 becomes a laptop with 3x the battery life & when you run out, you have a full phone!

– Click here for specific examples of different uses and walk-throughs –

No Facebook privacy for cheaters (or anyone else)
‘Ever hear of a Facebook (FB) app called Bang With Friends? It’s supposed to be a “simple, fun way” to find which of your Facebook friends are open to a dalliance.

‘Some may find it simple and fun, but private? Not at all — because of Facebook. A simple search can reveal which of a person’s Facebook friends use the app. But the issue is much bigger than this one service. Facebook’s long history of privacy challenges hasn’t resulted in a more airtight system. In fact, the company’s need to significantly increase revenue has pushed it in exactly the opposite direction, often without the knowledge of the users…’


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