The Anonymous Inbox by Aaron Swartz

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New Yorker finally launches Strongbox
Use Strongbox to contact writers and editors at The New Yorker

‘Before his suicide in January, hacktivist Aaron Swartz was working on an ambitious project: an encrypted dead drop system that could receive and protect files from anonymous sources. Wired editor Kevin Poulsen, who met Swartz when his site Reddit was sold to Condé Nast (which owns both Wired and The New Yorker), had asked him to help design a secure and anonymous inbox for investigative reporting. Over the course of a year, Poulsen and Swartz worked out the system with help from security expert James Dolan, creating a stable version by December 2012.

‘But the tentative launch plans were derailed by Swartz’s death…’

How to Leak to the Press
‘Well, it’s hard. Even the head of the CIA can’t email his mistress without being identified by the FBI. With a simple subpoena or warrant, the FBI can obtain historical calling information (and with cellphones, location history); email messages (and records revealing the pattern of where and when the target accessed these accounts); internet activity; and much more.

‘Since even separate, innocuous contacts between a reporter and source may be sufficient for the FBI to establish a relationship in its investigations — and who knows what kind of leak triggers a crackdown — here’s my guide for potential leakers…’

What is an Interactive Story Designer?
The New York Times is looking for one

‘The Digital News Design group at The New York Times seeks a technology-savvy Interactive Story Designer to join our award-winning multimedia producers in the newsroom. This person will be expected to work with reporters, editors, producers, designers and software developers across The Times to craft rich, multimedia experiences for both news and enterprise stories, across multiple platforms.

‘Expertise with web development — especially using Javascript, HTML and CSS — is required, and experience with video, audio, photography and/or game mechanics is a plus. All candidates must possess a portfolio demonstrating strong design work, a solid understanding of layout, typography and storytelling techniques, and a smart UX sensibility. Candidates will be expected to be quick learners with creative ideas and have the proven ability to work collaboratively…’
Job Requirements

Is Adblock Plus Friend or Villain?
In the first place, you shouldn’t use Adblock if you use free apps

‘The company doesn’t deny that they’ve asked publishers and advertisers for money. Back in February, Digital Journal cited an anonymous source from a major publisher who claims that the developers offered to let their ads through…for a 1/3 share of the revenue that the now-unblocked ads generated. Is this a fair agreement that subsidizes a popular and beloved browser plugin, or a shakedown?…’
read more


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