A Case of Legal Drone Intrusion

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile
Creep stalks woman with drone — legally
‘…The mysterious drone operator may be perfectly right. Legislation on new technologies can often take some time to catch up with the technologies themselves, and it’s perfectly possible he was technically operating within the law.

‘As the Atlantic notes, talking to a Harvard public policy expert, there would be multiple questions to determine the legality of the drone – like what type of drone it was, and how it was flown. It could have been flown in accordance with FAA regulations. And, crucially, what exactly was being photographed, and if that was in line with the First Amendment.

‘This case hammers home the immediate extent of privacy violations made possible by camera-equipped UAVs, but many more Americans are worried that drones operated by the state could be even more intrusive…’
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Google Glass Will be a Spy Tool Too
Why The FBI Will Love Google Glass

‘…Imagine for a moment that wearable computing finally has its breakthrough moment. That a cheap version of Google Glass, after it becomes available to the masses, turns millions of users into full-time documentarians — of any and all things.Then, imagine the FBI has access to that information.

‘Public reception of Glass has been mixed. The vast majority of people haven’t tried it, or anything like it, but the concept is new and discomforting. For many, concerns center around Glass’ inconspicuous ability to outwardly surveil the unsuspecting. With Glass there is no “point and shoot” — there’s just “shoot.”…’

Alternative Learning is Booming
‘…Since opening in 2008, the School of Life has attracted over 100,000 students with its unique course syllabus. At the end of 2012 the Melbourne social enterprise firm Small Giants partnered with the London School to bring the School of Life to Australia, heralding the first international outpost.

‘Another similar business, Laneway Learning has hosted informal classes in city cafes, and inner-city pubs and outdoor markets since March 2012. For AUD$12 (USD$12) per head, members of the community can teach or learn just about anything, from the zany “Why zombies are so awesome” to the more practical “Introduction to playwriting.”

‘Yet another altucation group — the Melbourne Free University (MFU), an independent higher-education institution established in 2009 by a group of academics –offers one-off lectures or six-week courses to those seeking to take university-style subjects at no cost…’

Disk Crash is Biggest Computer Killer
When the disk of my Vaio laptop crashed, even MS system wrongfully alerted ‘No Operating Found’

‘According to a new survey of small to medium-sized businesses, it isn’t flooding, tornadoes or hurricanes that are mostly responsible for IT downtime, but rather hardware failures – a full 55% of downtime incidents, in fact. IT recovery vendor Quorum tracked the trouble tickets of customers who used their service in the first quarter of 2013 to derive the data.

‘Disk failures were the number one hardware failure, says Quorum CEO Larry Lang. “More often than you think, it’s a SAN failure,” he adds, referring to “storage area networks” that are designed to keep data available even when a disk – or disks – crash…’


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