Why WordPress.com Blog’s Stats are Useless

Internet stats

Internet stats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since January, I’ve been wondering how I’m getting more blog followers and yet, my visitor stats is diving. Then my blogging friend Bill Mullins of Tech Thoughts wrote about the same situation a few days ago. It was serendipitous when I landed on WP.com Forums while surfing yesterday. So since I was there yet, I posted my question. This is the answer I received:

In response to the topic “Traffic and Followers”:
Because people are following them on the Reader, rather than reading them on the web. Reader views don’t count in the stats.

So according to that statement, If all my followers are reading my WP.com blog on RSS feeds, I will get not even one visitor!! Can you imagine having 500 followers yet having no visitors LOL! And I don’t even use or read posts on RSS if you’re wondering.

This is what I wonder about now. Does that happen with WP.ORG blogs too?
Does WordPress even care that this illogical thing is happening?


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