FBI’s Online Wiretapping and your Computer

EFF-spying-1How the FBI’s online wiretapping plan could get your computer hacked
‘The fundamental problem is that eavesdropping facilities are a double-edged sword. They make it easier for the U.S. government to spy on the bad guys. But they also make it easier for the bad guys to hack our computers and spy on us. And, the researchers say, the Internet’s decentralized architecture makes it particularly hard to build effective and secure wiretapping capabilities online…’
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The Virtual Trackable Locker Box
Trackable Box Storage Does Away With The Traditional Locker

‘Boxbee offers an alternative to traditional storage units, as it allows users to manage their boxes online and retrieve a box whenever they need one. The service is more convenient and cost-effective than renting out a whole unit.

‘The company, which operates in a 15-mile radius of San Francisco, brings boxes to your door, which you can then fill before scheduling a pickup. They are then collected and secured in storage with 24/hr surveillance…’

Keep Your Private Photos Safe
‘Here is a purely hypothetical situation you could face this summer:The focal character in our tale is Alex, a 20-something recent college graduate. She has a great job at a major law firm. She wants a quick vacation this summer; she works hard, plays hard. To that end, she and her friends decide to spend the weekend in Las Vegas.

‘The trip is fantastic: Hot dry desert air, frozen margaritas by the yard, beach clubs and more. They take photo after photo (some better than others). Alex comes home, exhausted from the weekend, and not entirely sure she wants everyone to see the photos from the trip. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

‘Let’s see what happens after she uploads her photos through two scenarios…’

Why your Apps Stop Working
‘If you’ve ever used the Internet — and you know who you are — you’ve undoubtedly had apps or various services stop working unexpectedly. For ordinary users, this usually just means no access to Twitter or Gmail for a while. But for developers, whose apps and services rely increasingly heavily on hooks into popular Web services, the problem can be far more complicated.

‘That’s because modern Web services (and the apps that facilitate them) can fail for a variety of reasons. One of the most common problems arises when some other service has gone down — more specifically, when the application programming interface (API) that lets your app tap into that other service stops working. Trouble is, until recently there hasn’t been an easy way to confirm or rule out API failures.

‘And that’s where API status dashboards, the weather reports of the Web-service world, come in. Dashboards enable developers and administrators to quickly check to see what’s going on with the API itself…’
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