Most Controversial Facebook Post Yet Years in Prison for a Facebook Post?
And just yesterday, my post was The Danger with Facebook Pages

‘On May 1st, Cam allegedly posted some lyrics to a rap he was writing on Facebook. It contained a vague reference to the Boston Marathon bombing and political speech calling the Whitehouse a “federal house of horrors.” Cam was arrested on the street and has been held without bail ever since. He’s charged with making “Terroristic Threats” for his artistic and political free speech.

‘We’ve already seen an overwhelming response to this action. Can you share this with your friends and family to help get Cam free and protect online freedoms for generations to come?…’
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Stop the hate on Twitter?
Since Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is a political comedian, I’m not sure if this is also a joke. I mean, if you don’t want to read hate-tweets, all you have to do is flag or unfollow the tweep or user.

‘…But there’s an increasingly dark underbelly to these Twitter fights. What might start out as a disagreement about a political or social issue, at times can escalate into racist, sexist or homophobic rants. In fact, Humboldt University recently created a map entitled “The Geography of Hate” which charted the hate filled comments being spewed on Twitter. It’s truly alarming…’
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Mashable Changes Twitter Profile Picture
I don’t care about the profile pic. What I wonder about is if Mashable is mobile-friendly. Mashable is very slow, freezes, and auto-reloads on my netbook.

‘Today, all of us at Mashable are excited to introduce a new look for our social feeds, including Twitter. I personally think it’s an upgrade!…’

Hug Your Children From Far Away
Remote-Controlled Jacket will let you do that and it’s therapeutic and healthy

‘Designed by James Teh, the T.Jacket lets parents far away use an app to give their children a “hug” when needed. The system features real-time remote monitoring of activity and pressure levels, as well as remote pressure application.

‘Deep pressure therapy is a sensory-based intervention often used by therapists to assist individuals with sensory processing difficulties, such as those with autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The jacket can be used to apply pressure when a child becomes agitated or anxious to help soothe them…’
T Jacket


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2 Responses to Most Controversial Facebook Post Yet

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  2. yiyime says:

    Free speech alive and well…what a joke?…meanwhile the corruption continues ….


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