Promoting Homosexuality in Children’s Schools

English: Uniform of the Boy Scouts of America ...

English: Uniform of the Boy Scouts of America in 1974. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They finally STEPPED OVER THE LINE. When will the world system ban heterosexuality next!!? I won’t even be surprised if there’s already a conspiracy to make that happen. The only good thing about it was only 61% supported the proposal

‘The Boy Scouts of America threw open its ranks Thursday to gay Scouts but not gay Scout leaders — a fiercely contested compromise that some warned could fracture the organization and lead to mass defections of members and donors.Of the roughly 1,400 voting members of the BSA’s National Council who cast ballots, 61 percent supported the proposal drafted by the governing Executive Committee. The policy change takes effect Jan. 1…’

Chief of Police Misqouted D’Ambrosio rap lyrics
‘…Methuen, Mass. Police Chief Joseph Solomon, in a statement at the time of D’ambrosio’s arrest, quoted a Facebook status the teen allegedly posted:

‘“(Expletive) the Boston bombing, wait til you see what I do. I’m going to be famous”

‘At the time, Solomon explained the post as D’Ambrosio “telling people to shut up and in order to get some props he’ll have to go kill somebody. He says he’ll go insane and make the news.”

‘”And he said people shouldn’t cry when they see what he does because they have it coming,” Solomon added.

‘However, according to the Boston Herald, the chief actually tweaked the quote, leaving off a crucial word:

“(Expletive) a boston bombing wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous rapping.”

‘Activists at Fight for the Future argue that Solomon’s misquote, which was widely reported by the media—including the Daily Dot—entirely changed the context of D’Ambrosio’s words…’

Dan Brown Pictures Manila as ‘Gates of Hell’
(I have to agree about ‘city of horrible traffic jams’)
And Philippine Officials Would Like a Word With Dan Brown

‘Philippine authorities Thursday reacted angrily over “Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown’s portrayal of Manila as “the gates of hell” in his latest novel.The book “Inferno” includes a character who describes the capital as a city of horrible traffic jams, suffocating pollution, massive poverty and a thriving child sex trade.

‘The chairman of the government agency managing Manila, Francis Tolentino, sent a letter to Brown and his publishers criticising the “inaccurate portrayal of our beloved metropolis”…’

Still remember that the Boston bomber was also interrogated by FBI before bombing?
MI5 Investigated London Suspects Before Killing
That is what Sky News reported but BBC sources are contradicting that claim

Key Figures of the Amnesty International 2013 report
Sorry I don’t have time to translate it from French


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4 Responses to Promoting Homosexuality in Children’s Schools

  1. writerdood says:

    From my perspective, the problem with scouting doesn’t have to do with sexual orientation or religious orientation, and more to do with the program itself. My son left scouting primary for one big important reason – it’s boring. The meetings were boring. The information they were being taught was so watered down as to be pointless, the methods they used to teach it were boring. There are ways to make land navigation fun to learn. There are ways to make history fun to learn. None of them were used. I’m surprised any kids stay in past Webelos. But maybe it depends on your leaders. Maybe there are interesting leaders out there and we just didn’t have any. The only reason my kid even considered staying was for the camping. That was fun. But we did that once a year if we were lucky. The boat races, the pinewood derby, and all the other stuff – he just got sick of it. Same thing, year after year.

    I could care less if the scout leaders were gay, or if the kids were gay. (And, frankly, how many kids know they’re gay before puberty)? Not too many, I’m thinking. I don’t care if it promotes religion either. Everyone should be exposed to that mindset at some point so they can make their own choices as to what religion – if any – they wish to adopt. The important thing is that they make scouting fun, interesting, and relevant. It fails in that area more than any other.


    • pochp says:

      ‘My son left scouting primary for one big important reason – it’s boring.’

      And homosexuality in BSA might just be the reason why they can’t it fun Dood. Scouting is martial or masculine. And for that reason, gays can never run it as it should be.


  2. Mmm. Classic blogging. You have found a genuine scandal in the rapper, though I have read it elsewhere, days ago. Investigating the London murderers? Meh. A lot of people say Islamist drivel without acting on it. But- why headline with the Scouts? This is a good step forward, though not allowing gay men as scout leaders means you only get closeted ones, frightened of being outed or having a relationship- not the best way to get balanced scout leaders, and it still, wrongly, declares the gay scout second class.

    But- converted to gay. Could you have been, even by the most normalising education about homosexuality? So, there is nothing wrong with teaching it is normal- it is, after all.


    • pochp says:

      Hi Clare. I don’t believe in being converted to gay is possible either — although I’ve witnessed men become gays because of relationship with gays. And I never said being gay is not normal. I have gay friends I respect. But promoting homosexuality to children? I stand solid against that.

      Btw, like Anonymous, I tend to respect lesbians more than gay men. Thanks for impelling me to voice more of my opinions Clare 😀


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