Stop the Hate vs Public Shaming

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Although I never liked hating, I don’t buy it when a clown tells me to ‘stop the hate’. I’d rather hate something than die without hating and fighting world corruption which will eventually victimize all even our children.

Here is what Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney and now political comedian says:

‘But there’s an increasingly dark underbelly to these Twitter fights. What might start out as a disagreement about a political or social issue, at times can escalate into racist, sexist or homophobic rants. In fact, Humboldt University recently created a map entitled “The Geography of Hate” which charted the hate filled comments being spewed on Twitter. It’s truly alarming…’

Now if a hate-filled comment is about a private issue, then I also say stop it. But most comments are not and are about scourges of society. Want to public-shame an egotist or immoral person? Visit PublicShaming and join.

Storytelling Lessons from Zach Sobiech’s Beautiful Life [VIDEO]
Death is one of my fav topics. It never fails to jolt me back to reality. Zach was a rare and lucky person who died welcoming his death. His powerful story about his impending death reminds me of the young activist Aaron Swartz. If Aaron was not suffering from intense mental and physical pressures, I believe he would have made a beautiful and positive suicide note too.

‘Zach’s story is powerful, emotional, personal, and compelling. In an experience so scary and sad, he radiated relentless beauty. Zach died on May 20.

‘Zach wasn’t a marketer, brand advocate, or PR specialist. Yet, in speaking from his heart, he told a story more powerful than what you see in most content marketing campaigns and media stories. When it comes to professional storytelling, Zach’s story sets the bar…’

Twitter’s 10 most antisocial celebrities
Of course they could afford to be and not follow anyone on Twitter. They would not have time for that.

‘What part of the social in social media don’t these 10 celebrities understand? They are followed by millions yet follow no one or at most only one Twitter compatriot in return. They are anomalies, too, as this is not typical celebrity behavior; in fact, of the Top 500 accounts in terms of followers, only these 10 follow so few.

‘By way of contrast: Justin Bieber, whose 39.2 million followers top the charts, manages to follow some 123,000 Beliebers. Bill Gates is followed by 11.3 million and in return follows 154, which while not a large number is 154 more than zero. Even Pope Francisco, who’s been on Twitter only since March and has gathered 2.4 million to his flock, has followed eight of them back….’

The picture thinker and the pattern thinker
New, Autistic Way of Thinking Powers Silicon Valley
Steve Jobs ‘…was right, obviously. While he didn’t use the terms picture thinker and pattern thinker, that’s what he was talking about. In that moment in 1985, he realized that you needed pattern thinkers to engineer the miracles inside the box and picture thinkers to make what comes out of the box beautiful.

‘I haven’t been able to look at an iPod or iPad or iPhone without thinking about that interview. I now understand that when Apple gets something wrong, it’s because they didn’t get the balance between the kinds of thinking right.

‘The notorious antenna problem on the iPhone 4? Too much art, not enough engineering.

‘Contrast this philosophy with Google’s; the minds behind Google, I guarantee you, were pattern thinkers. And to this day, Google products favor engineering over art…’


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