The Password Protection Act

howtogeek-h8B7F3B84It will bar employers from demanding Facebook, Twitter, etc… login info

‘If the Password Protection Act becomes law, it would make it a crime for employers to ask that third question.

‘The PPA was introduced in the House of Representatives Wednesday by Reps. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.). It would make it illegal for employers demand current or prospective employees hand over access to their social media accounts…’

Time Before Smartphones
Before smartphones, deaths from multitasking are little-known. Couples don’t fight and sue each other because of malicious texts. Phone thefts are almost non-existent. Here’s the funny side

Rare (unintentional?) Cybercrime
Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

‘…The panel ruled that in the case of, former congressman Paul is guilty of reverse domain name hijacking (pdf).

‘The owners had offered to sell to Paul but also offered to give him as an alternative if Paul didn’t want to buy the .com. Since Paul filed a UDRP against after the owner offered to give it to him for free, the panel found the case to be reverse domain name hijacking…’

The world’s first job ad integrated into Twitter
‘We believe it’s the first job listing to allows candidates to apply for the role without having to venture anywhere but the tweet page itself. We’ve attempted to get absolute confirmation from Twitter but the company’s response was “this isn’t something we can help you with.” Given the fact that Twitter’s Lead Generation features only launched a few hours ago, I think it’s fair to say this is the first.

‘Check out a screenshot of the job posting below and the link to it here. We would have embedded the tweet but it seems the lead generation section isn’t a part of embedded tweets just yet…’

Why Celebrate Geek Pride Day on May 25


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