Mind Detox and Reprogramming

English: Dennets idea of mind and conscious ex...

English: Dennets idea of mind and conscious experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Digital Detoxification (I call it ‘mind defragmentation’) is Becoming Popular. Do you need it too?
No expert had ever claimed that digital detox is unhealthy

‘Is it any wonder that more people are switching off – even if only for a limited time? The feedback from those who’ve tried it is nearly unanimously positive.

’15 years ago nobody banked online, updated their status or Instagrammed their food. Now, we’re all doing it. Even that last one (admit it). Plugging in to the Web has many benefits. But for some the whole experience has become overwhelming. Could interest in the Internet really be waning?…’

How to reprogram your brain
Philosopher Daniel Dennett explains how

‘Drawing from the recently published Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking, philosopher and scientist Daniel Dennett breaks down the rhetorical signals that can indicate a shifty argument (“surely” and “rather” among them), the mental “programs” that can help people better dissect the world around them, and how these systems allow humans to expand their thinking beyond what Dennett refers to as the “bare brain” we received through biological evolution. Along the way, he discusses the power that language has as a tool. “The Bible says: ‘In the beginning was the Word’ — no, no. The word was a very recent development. The word is the beginning of intelligent design, though. The Bible was sort of right about that.”…’

You might have read this yet last Firday. I just reposted it for easy reference
The picture thinker and the pattern thinker

New, Autistic Way of Thinking Powers Silicon Valley
Steve Jobs ‘…was right, obviously. While he didn’t use the terms picture thinker and pattern thinker, that’s what he was talking about. In that moment in 1985, he realized that you needed pattern thinkers to engineer the miracles inside the box and picture thinkers to make what comes out of the box beautiful.

‘I haven’t been able to look at an iPod or iPad or iPhone without thinking about that interview. I now understand that when Apple gets something wrong, it’s because they didn’t get the balance between the kinds of thinking right.

‘The notorious antenna problem on the iPhone 4? Too much art, not enough engineering.

‘Contrast this philosophy with Google’s; the minds behind Google, I guarantee you, were pattern thinkers. And to this day, Google products favor engineering over art…’

Deleting old memories to increase new ones
Reorganization of existing brain circuits

‘New research presented today shows that formation of new neurons in the hippocampus — a brain region known for its importance in learning and remembering — could cause forgetting of old memories by causing a reorganization of existing brain circuits. Drs. Paul Frankland and Sheena Josselyn, both from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, argue this reorganization could have the positive effect of clearing old memories, reducing interference and thereby increasing capacity for new learning…’
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