Find out why these people Deleted Facebook

Quitfacebooknow liked my post How One False Facebook Post Can Ruin Your Life so I’m reposting one of his.

Quit Facebook Now

Why I Deleted My Facebook

So much information about ourselves is given freely via Facebook  Your favorite food, your birthday, family feuds, who your friends are, your grades last semester, what you like to do on the weekends, etc. This isn’t deeply personal information, and you do  control the amount your put online (somewhat), but these are the little things you get to know by spending time with someone. All of my most solid relationships began with these little things. It would be nice if someone, or everyone, just asked me these things in person, but Facebook makes this little step unnecessary so no one ever has to ask and I never have to tell…. they just know…which is weird.

via Why I Deleted My Facebook: Reason #1 | Kelsi Olivia Jackson.

Why & How I Deleted Facebook

For many, Facebook is ingrained to the point where we can’t imagine living without it. It seems…

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