Obama Doesn’t Like Internet Freedom

Screenshot of the first post that appeared on ...

Screenshot of the first post that appeared on the White House.gov blog just after the inauguration of Barack Obama. Screenshot taken with Internet Explorer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’
And that was just after the Ohio banned Internet cafes

‘In another verbal assault on net neutrality, Obama is now warning that both recent and future acts of terrorism stem from the accessibility of information on the internet.

‘In his speech yesterday, Obama said that information available online fuels ‘violent agendas’ through ‘hateful propaganda’ that drives terrorism. Warning that ‘internet materials’ are fueling domestic terror threats and actually causing people to go out and commit mass acts of terrorism, Obama is once again following in the footsteps of his fellow control freak associates in assaulting the openness of the internet that is now a hot spring for alternative news amid the frozen depths of the mainstream media.

‘In the speech, Obama said:…’

Ramsey Rejects Free Burgers for Life
He knows his name is just being used for free PR
‘The man who famously put aside his Big Mac to help rescue three women held captive in a Cleveland house said Friday that he’s not endorsing a group of restaurants that are offering him free burgers for life and wants his name kept out of it.”I never told these people they could use my name for this,” Charles Ramsey said in a written statement released through attorney, Patricia Walker.

‘The restaurant where Ramsey worked as a dishwasher initially created a special burger named his honor, called the Ramsey Burger. Then more than a dozen area eateries had decided a larger tribute was due…’

The Importance of Community
Mainstream media is censoring the March Against Monsanto which was Over 2M Strong
So don’t be surprised if you didn’t hear or read

‘Organized by the ‘March Against Monsanto’ movement, an estimated two million have taken part in the massive event on Saturday spanning six continents, 52 nations, and at least 48 US states.

‘“It was empowering and inspiring to see so many people, from different walks of life, put aside their differences and come together today,” said Tami Canal, founder and organizer of the global event.

‘“We will continue until Monsanto complies with consumer demand. They are poisoning our children, poisoning our planet,” she said. “If we don’t act, who’s going to?”…’

At least this food news wasn’t as censored
Victory for Food Rights and Farmer Vernon Hershberger

‘In what has been roundly declared a victory for food rights and private food transactions by supporters, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty on three of four charges against Wisconsin raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger in the early morning hours of March 25. “It’s a beautiful day. . . . They tried their best to set me free,” Hershberger told The Complete Patient after a few hours of sleep. The twelve members of the jury declared Hershberger not guilty of three counts of operating a retail establishment without a license, operating a dairy farm as a milk producer without a license, and operating a dairy processing facility without a license…’

What’s the Point of Hawking’s Israel boycott
‘There’s no question that it was wrong of the famous physicist to cancel Peres’ invitation to a conference in Israel. But that’s not really the point…’


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