‘Login With Amazon’

Amazon Ad with Spelling Mistake

Amazon Ad with Spelling Mistake (Photo credit: epSos.de)

If you do business within your website, you can login with Amazon
‘Amazon announced a new Login with Amazon service for websites, apps and games, which lets users login using their Amazon accounts. The company says it reduces sign-in friction and can drive higher customer engagement and conversions.

‘Obviously the feature would compete directly with offerings from companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter…’
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The National Day of Civic Hacking
‘The National Day of Civic Hacking is upon us! We will see thousands of civic hackers come together following months of planning by hundreds of organizers, partners, government agencies, and communities around the country. So, how can you take part?…’

Share your secrets in Twitter
A spoiler tag for Twitter Share secrets over Twitter and never annoy your followers again

Use spoil.rs to type in a tweet and a spoiler. We post your tweet to twitter. Your followers click on your tweet to reveal the text of the spoiler

Update To Newest Copy
Keep files which have the same file name in sync across the machine such that when one of the files changes, they are all updated

Searches a target directory and subfolders for all files with a specified name and, using the last modified date, identifies the most recent copy. It then compares the hash signature of the most recent copy to all other files with the same name (within the target directory) and replaces any copies where the hash is different with the most recent copy.

Combine this with a scheduled task to easily keep commonly used files (such as source code libraries) in sync across multiple locations. Think about it as sort of a Dropbox type model for your local computer.

A detailed description is available at my article featured on How-To Geek: IT Geek: How to Keep Files with the Same Name in Sync

The script has the following features:

Run for a single file or a list of files
Optionally create a backup of files which are to be replaced

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