7 Social Networks in an Image

Could you guess all?

The McDonald’s Theory
‘Trapped in a Meeting In this week’s episode, Josh relates an unusual theory that connects warfare (or lack thereof) with the presence of a certain fast food establishment. But does the theory hold up?…’

Financial Times’ FastFT
‘It’s like Twitter with context.’ –thenextweb

‘The Financial Times is getting into the bite-sized news business with a new product called fastFT. The tool, announced on Wednesday, appears to be a sort of hybrid between Twitter and a wire service, and is intended to keep readers near at a time when news is becoming faster, shorter and more mobile.

‘According to the company, fastFT will provide “context and opinion… when 140 characters doesn’t cut it” for breaking news stories, and will include a dash of FT-style personality. The dispatches, which are between 100 and 250 words, will appear on the right side of the FT homepage and on a separate fastFT website. On the iPad, it looks like this:…’

Another Cyborg Heart
This time, it’s part cow

‘A new kind of artificial heart that combines synthetic and biological materials as well as sensors and software to detect a patient’s level of exertion and adjust output accordingly is to be tested in patients at four cardiac surgery centers in Europe and the Middle East.

‘If the “bioprosthetic” device, made by the Paris-based Carmat, proves to be safe and effective, it could be given to patients waiting for a heart transplant. Currently, only one fully artificial heart, made by Tucson, Arizona-based SynCardia, has U.S., Canadian, and European regulatory approval for use in patients…’


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