How to Get the New Gmail Now

Exquisite-gmail red

Exquisite-gmail red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Click on the Settings tab on the upper right corner of your Gmail page
2. Click ‘Configure Inbox’
3. Select the tabs you want to enable
4. Click Save

You’ve got it now

Use Google Now to send text messages, e-mail
‘Similar to the way Siri works, you’re able to give a voice command to Google Now and have a message composed, complete with the recipient of your choosing (so long as they are in your contacts). After Now has filled in all of the required fields for you, you only need to tap a single button to have the message sent.

‘Before you can send a message with Google Now, you’ll need to be sure you’ve updated the Google Search app to the latest version from the Play store. After you’re updated, you can launch Google Now as you normally would on your device and say “Google” to activate the voice commands…’

What it’s like to use only Google programs and apps
‘Mobile technology is like language. You learn it best through total immersion.As a former Windows and current Apple user, I wanted to understand the full Google platform experience firsthand. So I went all-in.

‘Sure, I’ve used Android devices and even a Chromebook casually before. But I never tried to rely on them full time.

‘Boy, did I learn a lot about Google (and Apple). And my opinions on many things have changed. I’m going to tell you the 10 shocking things I learned and how my mobile computing buying and usage have been transformed…’
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Google Certificate Courses
Mapping with Google

Discover new ways to navigate the world around you with Google Maps and Google Earth.

Improve your use of new and existing features of Google’s mapping tools.

Choose your own path. Complete a project using Google Maps, Google Earth, or both, and earn a certificate of completion.



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