Slaying Asian-American Stereotypes by Ads

urbismedia-mediaclowns“We’re people just like everyone else, and we live in every community and at all levels of society. We’re real, so keep it real.”
I just find it funny that Mr. Bill Imada finds racist ads when most famous American comedians are shameless racists

‘The advertising industry has set the standard for portraying Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in more positive, professional roles and in more mainstream settings. However, I want to add that it is perfectly fine to cast us in other roles such as teachers, janitors, hockey players, firemen, comedians, veterans, persons with disabilities and more…’
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Blog to Get Your Next Job
Firms should be more interested in your personal blog than with your social networks because blogs are more revealing

‘Think of the word “blog” and what comes to mind? Mommy bloggers? People posting funny cat videos? Well, no more. Today’s savvy job seekers are putting their skills to the test and blogging their way to success and job opportunities. Here’s why a blog can get you your next job…’

An easy way to cancel your unwanted subscriptions, contracts, and accounts
You can use the search box to find companies, and if you do not find a company you can create the page!

‘WikiCancel is the most current subscription, contract, and account cancellation guide. This Wiki lists the steps to delete your online accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, cancel contracts with companies, such as Sprint, Comcast, and LA Fitness, and unsubscribe from emails from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

‘WikiCancel’s goal is to make cancelling a subscription, contract, or account easier by increasing the accessibility of this information. Check out the Help page to see how you can add a company, or the Project page for more information about WikiCancel…’

Twitter Social Programming Profiles
‘Twitter UK monitored the social profiles and tweet patterns of popular programs. The team observed that Twitter activity follows patterns driven by three factors: genre, demographics and time slot. Tweet peaks and engagement are driven by content, storyline, of course celebrity Tweets and also hashtags displayed prominently on air.

‘Twitter also learned that Tweet patterns differ based on the genre of the aired program. Please see the ebook for histograms that display Tweets per minute TPM for each genre). Tweets tend to compartmentalize around the following five categories:…’


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