Get Facebook Hack Try Alert

Bsod w2k

Bsod w2k (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Receive An Alert If someone tries to hack your FB
If FB can’t fix accounts they suspended by mistake, I doubt if this will work

‘Are you concerned that someone may have gained unauthorised access to your Facebook account? Or perhaps you are worried that such a scenario may unfold in the future?

‘If so, you will want a system in place to alert you of any unauthorised activity surrounding your account. And thats where Facebook’s security settings comes in…’

False Positive Windows BSOD
Don’t panic at those Blue Screen of Death. False positive means it’s a false alarm sometimes. It wasn’t even McAfee AV that alerted me

‘IT admins across the globe are letting out a collective groan after servers and PCs running McAfee VirusScan were brought down when the anti-virus program attacked their core system files. In some cases, this caused the machines to display the dreaded blue screen of death…’

Taskbar and Start button disappearing?
False positives also work here. All I did was type ‘taskbar’ then chose ‘customize taskbar’. Although rarely, a virus is the cause. Here are all the solutions:

For avid travelers
The 8 Best GPS Navigation Apps
‘In this post, we want to highlight 8 best GPS navigation apps that you should install. Fundamentally, each application serves the same purpose: you choose a destination, and the application provides graphical navigation of the path, accompanying that navigation with visual and spoken cues for making turns or identifying upcoming road changes.

‘In no particular order, here some of the best navigation apps that you should try…’


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