Crazy Small Idea Makes Author Famous

Mashable-A Tweet Decided a Major Plot Point in This Filmthe story

The Power of Small Cash Incentives
It makes political partisans more truthful in contrast with bribes

‘In the real world, there’s little penalty for getting this sort of a question wrong. It’s unlikely anyone will correct you, and even if they do, it’s very rare that someone will face any significant consequences — even a public shaming — for incorrectly blaming the other side for something they didn’t do.

‘This new paper, by researchers at Yale and UC San Diego, tests that idea by upping the ante. Let’s say, when asking people these questions, you offered small payments to people for being correct. Would that change their behavior and make their statements better align with the facts?

‘The answer seems to be yes:…’
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Annotate Recipes with ‘Food Genius’ Tool
‘Rap Genius started out as a website that lets fans annotate rap lyrics, but it’s expanded to allow annotation of lots of different types of content. Now cooking site Food52 has partnered with Rap Genius to let users annotate recipes. “Interpreting Kanye’s latest verse isn’t our forte,” write Food52′s editors, “but when the Rap Genius team decided to venture into text annotation for recipes and cooking articles, we saw that as our cue to partner.”

‘Food52 is calling the new tool “Food Genius.” Each week, they’ll post and annotate “recipes and how-to articles” and invite the community to do the same:…’

The Fast-Growing Costs of Good Food
Nutrition is becoming more exclusive for the rich
Forced Human Obsolescence is becoming a reality

”Tis the season for pricey salad greens and heirloom tomatoes at the local farmers’ market. But even for those who don’t run with the foodie set, produce prices have been growing quickly during recent decades, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, less healthy foods like sweets have remained relatively cheap. Together, the two trends are contributing to a fast-growing obesity rate, experts say.

‘While food prices are growing, they have not diverged much from the broader rate of inflation, according to Fed data. The consumer price index, or CPI, for food has remained close to the CPI for all items since the late 40s, according to Fed data…’

How to Really Eat Like a Hunter-Gatherer
Why the Paleo Diet Is Half-Baked [Interactive & Infographic]

‘We are not biologically identical to our Paleolithic predecessors, nor do we have access to the foods they ate. And deducing dietary guidelines from modern foraging societies is difficult because they vary so much by geography, season and opportunity…’


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