How to Humanize What You Write

English: YOKOSUKA, Japan (Nov. 24, 2009) Chief...
Marketing writers would learn from this
‘Given our sense of urgency to get our messages out there (on social media, in press releases, and in blog posts) and our need to prove our worth to executives and clients, we often forget that we are writing for human beings.

‘Here are a few tips from the “AMA Manual of Style” to help you avoid writing that “de-humanizes.” Although the examples are taken from health care, they can be applied more broadly…’

Friending and Unfriending in Social Networks
When did it become normal to befriend people you don’t know?

‘And, I’m not specifying Facebook. How many of the people you follow on Twitter are people whose phone numbers are stored in your phone? How many of your LinkedIn connections are people whose email addresses are in your rolodex? Because if you’ve never called someone or emailed that person, how do you qualify being connected to the person? What does a connection truly mean? Facebook fucked up the definition of a friend — and if you remove Facebook from your life, your friends are probably not the people you see in that newsfeed.

‘Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying the telephone or the electronic mail address is the holy grail — but if you remove yourself from social networking sites, if you’re not there, then wouldn’t it be the phone and the email that connect you to the people you care about, the people you trust, and the people who want to be around you?…’

Digital Media and Society Syllabus
Covering social media, technology and a networked world
Noticed something about the title? The tag ‘Digital Media’ was finally used by an authority (I vehemently claimed that ‘social media’ is oxymoronic). But according to the title, ‘social media’ is part or digital media

‘This course is organized around the broad question of what journalists should know about the way digital media are reshaping society. To answer this question, it provides a series of foundational readings on the effects of new media on a number of domains of social life, including culture, the economy, privacy, law, politics, social movements and journalism…’
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Are finding solutions part of writers job?
‘Four years ago, zeroed in on South 2nd Street, a pocked roadway in the city’s Walker’s Point section that seemed “ripe for improvement,” said site co-founder David Reid.

‘The local community weighed in with ideas, then graphic artist Kieran Sweeney sketched a possible redesign. It included, trees and access for pedestrians and bikers as well as cars. His sketch was entered in a livable-streets competition, and it took second place.

‘That was just the news peg traditional Milwaukee news outlets needed to publish the images. Before long, a local alderman got on board and the idea of a redesign got put on the public works agenda. Two years later, the community cut the ribbon on — voila — its new streetscape...’


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