Everything You Need to Know About PRISM

Experts on How Twitter Evaded PRISM
pixlrWhy isn’t Twitter part of the NSA PRISM snooping program?
Although Twitter’s cred on privacy is high, was it just lucky with PRISM?

‘Twitter was founded in 2006, and certainly over the course of PRISM’s development, Twitter has evolved into a major platform. You would expect it to catch the attention of the NSA—along with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple and other companies that apparently gave the government their buy-in.

‘So, why wasn’t Twitter among the who’s who of PRISM partners? While much is unknown about the NSA program, we spoke with digital privacy experts to explore three possible reasons for this notable omission…’

‘On Thursday, another secret NSA program called PRISM was revealed. The program involves some of the larger Internet companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, which have all apparently collaborated with the government to wiretap their foreign users communications.

‘Shortly after, another report confirmed it wasn’t just Verizon — AT&T and Sprint have been receiving the same orders too…’
FAQ on the two separate programs

Phone spying and PRISM internet surveillance: what’s the difference?
‘…First of all, the programs are different in who they target and the types of data they have been reported to collect so far. PRISM allegedly lets the US National Security Agency access most types of online user activity and communications on Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and other large internet companies.

“They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type.”

‘When it comes to the types of data that can be collected under the NSA’s PRISM internet surveillance program, it’s still unclear exactly what data the government can scoop up…’

If you have a business website
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Protect your sites
Keep up with Google changes
Avoid Google Penalization


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