Asian Social Media Dictatorship

CISPA - The solution is the problem

CISPA – The solution is the problem (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Thai Army Used as Web Bots
Soldiers ordered to promote the monarchy via social networks LOL

‘…Rangers Task Force 45, in response to Army policy, has put its troops to the task of promoting and protecting the monarchy in cyber space, claiming to have posted 1.69 million comments on webboards and social media during a 4-month period of last year…’
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Will PRISM Spy Program be Legalized?
Eric Blair says it will be

‘…The only difference between the secretive PRISM project and CISPA is that under CISPA personal data will be given to the civilian Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon by communications companies instead of the NSA. Like that matters.

‘But even this is just window dressing for public consumption because Obama already has authorized these moves with the secret Presidential Policy Directive 20 and an Executive Order.

‘Presidential Directive 20 shows that the government is drawing up a target list for offensive cyber strikes overseas, and the Executive Order outlines the flow of illegally obtained data of online activity to the DHS, NSA, and other agencies…’

Obama and his dark advisor [Video]
There are ruthless people who think nothing of setting events in place that will result in the death of millions of people. President-puppet O-Bomb-A is led by one of these people.

Thinking people knew this well before the 2008 election.
This is fun and productive to use
‘There’s a new Twitter bookmarklet in town called that works just like its official cousin but with one useful enhancement. As you are selecting text on a web page, the Twitter bookmarklet will display the exact character count of your tweet (see GIF animation) and thus you could save yourself from trimming characters later manually…’


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