How to Protect Your Files from PRISM

Encrypt your files with these tools
DocTrackr will also alert you when someone tampers with your files
It helps individuals and businesses keep their documents under control. Know wherever they’re stored and whomever they’re shared with. Update your docs in real time, know what people are doing with them and even destroy them remotely.
Try AxCrypt too — my lightweight primary encryption and shredder tool

Why the Government Hates Encryption

Wooden Briefcase Unfolds Into Office Furniture [Video]
‘BOXED turns into a desk, a coffee table, stools and even a lamp.

‘Designer Tyrone Stoddart has created BOXED, an adaptable and multi-functional piece of furniture in a suitcase. The piece transforms into at least four types of furniture.

‘BOXED can be easily put together to form a desk, a coffee table, two stools, and a lamp. The different components of the furniture can then be disassembled and put back into its wooden case…’

Net Neutrality Revisited
‘Whether net neutrality should be mandated by law is one of the biggest policy debates around the Internet, but net neutrality isn’t just a matter of law. Net neutrality is a principle that’s given us the Internet we have today.

‘In short, “net neutrality” refers to the principle that all packets on the Internet should be treated equally, without discrimination. Internet service providers should transmit data without prioritizing the data from certain companies…’

How and When to Use Windows Safe Mode
‘Safe Mode boots a computer without loading any third-party software or drivers, so it’s a great way to remove problem-causing software without that software getting in the way.

‘When Windows boots, it normally launches its startup programs and loads the hardware drivers you have installed. If your computer is infected with malware or has unstable hardware drivers that cause blue screens, Safe Mode can help you fix it.

‘In Safe Mode, Windows uses a very low screen resolution, doesn’t initialize much hardware support, and avoids loading third-party startup programs. This allows you to troubleshoot Windows without all the third-party software and potential hardware driver problems getting in the way.

‘If there’s a problem with your computer and you can’t seem to fix it — or if your computer is unstable and keeps crashing or blue-screening — you should drop into Safe Mode to fix it…’


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