Avoid Cloud Storage for Stricter Privacy

Two cellphone SIM cards (bottom and top)
Dropbox and Google Drive are some favorite cloud storage
‘As web users, we are helplessly — almost laughably — devoted to the cloud. A 2012 IHS iSuppli report predicts that by 2017, 1.3 billion online users will subscribe to cloud services. Our files, photos and financial records are all connected to a cloud overlord, and users are beginning to voice their concerns.

‘Since most tracking happens on the server end, the average web user can do very little to prevent others from viewing their data, aside from going cloudless like it’s 1999. But if you’re worried about privacy and would like to avoid some tracking potential, these six steps can help you decrease the amount of data you have stored online and effectively “de-cloud” yourself…’
5 more tips

How to Keep Your Calls and Texts Private
‘First, walk into a store that sells prepaid SIM cards. I bought an Ultra Mobile SIM for just $35 last week and paid in cash.

‘Second, pick up an unlocked phone—there are tons of them on Amazon and eBay. I bought a basic GSM phone without a plan for $25 at Costco earlier this year. You’ll want to ditch the phone every so often because the phone itself can be traced, so the simpler and cheaper the device, the better.

‘The call records will still exist, but all they show is that someone from this phone number using that particular device made a phone call to this other number from this location and talked for x number of minutes. There is nothing that links that call record to you…’

NSA and Obama Sued Over Surveillance Program
‘A group of people, including a former federal prosecutor and the parents of a Navy SEAL sniper killed in action, have filed a class-action law suit against the National Security Agency, Verizon and President Obama over the NSA’s collection of cell phone data. The suit says the order that enabled the surveillance program is “the broadest surveillance order to ever have been issued” and enables indiscriminate collection of data…’

Prosecutor Plays Geek on Facebook and Gets Fired
He posed as accused killer’s ex-girlfriend on Facebook

‘An Ohio prosecutor believes that he must break two witnesses’ alibis in a murder case. He goes on Facebook, pretends to be the accused’s ex-girlfriend and tries to contact the witnesses. His bosses aren’t impressed…’

Mapping with Google
Google Earth Basics
I had to stop on Unit 4 of this certificate course because it requires a new graphic card.


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