Music Industry’s New Grammar Rules

imgur-aTSdCX3Music grammar rules aims to make songs easier to find
‘Released last month at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers’ annual convention, rock ‘n’ roll’s new rule book aims to establish basic rules for data entry in the fragmenting world of music, where some folks have become a little too creative for their own good—at least when it comes to spelling, grammar and description.

‘To ensure content can be “easily discovered, correctly presented, and accurately disclosed,” the guide warns against a range of seemingly innocent offenses that are in fact so grave they could cause digital merchants to “reject the content.”…’

Things to Think Twice About Before Including Them On Your Blog
‘When it seems like everyone from your boss to your grandmother has published and is maintaining a blog, the pressure to build your own can be overwhelming. Blogs are great marketing tools for your business or professional image, can help you to keep far-flung family members updated on new developments in your family unit and are effective platforms for the sharing and discussion of political and spiritual beliefs. What they’re not, however, is completely anonymous or free of risk if you decide to include sensitive information. These are 20 of the things you will want to carefully consider before adding them to your blog, in the interest of safety, improving readability, your professional reputation and anonymity…’
the list

Pieces of advice every young professional should follow
‘I’ve figured out a few things along the way that I wish someone had told that 22-year-old with big hair walking into her first day on the job. Maybe the thoughts below will help others just starting out. I write this with huge thanks to all the bosses, mentors, friends, family, and colleagues I have had the privilege to work with and learn from over these 30 years…’

Adblock Plus’ Mob Rule
Online ads aren’t really so annoying if your PC is secure. Don’t block ads if you’re grateful for free apps.

‘…Destructoid, a video game news and community website, has been hit hard by aggressive Adblock users. Niero Gonzales, founder of Destructoid, told On The Media that although Destructoid was receiving upward of 14 million pageviews per month, its tech-savvy readership was shunning ads and using Adblock to filter out the site’s primary revenue stream.

‘Gonzales responded by publishing a statement to inform readers that by disabling ads they were strangling the site’s earnings.

‘It didn’t work.

‘Though some readers expressed sympathy, the majority of the 36 to 40 percent of the overall readers who use Adblock Plus ignored Gonzales’s request…’


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