NSA and Websites’ Terms of Service

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You Probably Agreed to NSA Snooping When You Accepted That Website’s Terms of Service
‘Tucked away in those long paragraphs of legalese on pretty much every major Internet website (including Time.com) is a clause about how a business will handle your private data when the feds come knocking. In general, these companies grant themselves wide latitude. Yahoo says it might hand out your data to investigate or prevent “situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person.” Facebook will respond to a court order, search warrant or other legal request “if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so.” Apple provides user data to government agencies if “for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary or appropriate.”…’
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Scarlett Johansson Suing Over Use of Her Name in Book
Just using celeb names in your novel requires written permission
“The actress is reportedly suing over the unauthorized use of her name in a French novel, titled The First Thing We Look At, seeking compensation and damages from the ‘breach and fraudulent use of personal rights,’ as well as a ban on ‘future transfer of rights and adaptations of the book,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.”

Create an instant Twitter ‘movie trailer’ bio
Vizify joins forces with Twitter so you can create that

‘Vizify, a data driven graphical biography service, has partnered with Twitter to roll out a new feature that allows you to create a short video biography automatically using data from your Twitter account.

‘The new #FollowMe feature uses info from a user’s Twitter bio and analyzes things like top tweets, photos, Vine videos and the number of followers someone has to create the personalized bio. It also analyzes, and shows, the times you tweet most frequently…’

Kickass Torrents’ KAT.ph domain seized by Philippine authorities
KAT.ph is the second largest website just behind The Pirate Bay

‘Kickass Torrents’ wasn’t accessible since about yesterday and now it has been confirmed that the domain name of the second largest website just behind The Pirate Bay has indeed been seized by Philippine authorities.

‘Local record labels and the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry said that the torrent site was doing “irreparable damages” to the music industry and following a formal complaint the authorities resorted to seize of the main domain name. The torrent site hasn’t given up and is operating as usual under a new domain name…’

IfTTT Gmail to Evernote
Newly starred emails create a note with a link to your first attachment


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