Social Media Lingo and Oxford Snobbery

Oxford English Dictionary
Why ‘To Tweet’ Is Lowercase but ‘To Google’ Is Not
‘The linguistic snobs over at the Oxford English Dictionary have accepted “tweet” — as in to post something on Twitter — into its exclusive language club because “it seems to be catching on” as a verb in its own right, which got us thinking: how did it get itself lower-case t status? Other brand name verbs don’t work like that. Xerox the verb, for example is big X Xerox; the OED has Google the verb as capital G, too. Tweet, though, gets the little t — even in The New York Times per the very strict standards editor Philip B. Corbett (that is, if he allows the word at all). “When we do use it, it’s lowercase, because it’s not a trademark,” he told The New York Observer last year. Most people, and now the OED, agree with Corbett’s styling, but not exactly for the reason he cites.

‘The upper versus lower-case distinction does have to do with trademarks, just as Corbett suggested. “The simple answer is that ‘tweet’ isn’t a trademark, or at least it didn’t start as one,” linguist Ben Zimmer told The Atlantic Wire…’

The Digital-friendly School District
‘Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. At school, they make us nervous. We hear stories about teachers losing their jobs and students losing their innocence. We see the nasty rumors and insults that can flourish online. So if we clamp down and keep social media out of our schools, we’™ll be good. Right? Wrong.

‘We live in the digital world. And when students and parents enter our schools, they don’™t check their lives at the door…’
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Did eMail Kill the Telegram?
Don’t wire me…stop…
India to send world’s last telegram and the poor who doesn’t have digital access are (tech) victims, again

‘At the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), India’s state-owned telecom company, a message emerges from a dot matrix printer addressing a soldier’s Army unit in Delhi. “GRANDMOTHER SERIOUS. 15 DAYS LEAVE EXTENSION,” it reads. It’s one of about 5,000 such missives still being sent every day by telegram – a format favored for its “sense of urgency and authenticity,” explains a BSNL official.

‘But the days of such communication are numbered: The world’s last telegram message will be sent somewhere in India on July 14…’

Original Meanings Of Everyday Words [Youtube]
‘Some words we use everyday used to have totally different meanings. Completely changes the meaning of nice guys finish last…’


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