Why You Deserve to Lose Your Privacy

STU-III secure telephones on display at the Na...
To the apathetics: did you know that you even have freedoms? Probably not to the extent that you should. Let me explain some of them.
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Nillabyte is a discussion forum where you can submit your own ‘issue’


Asian officials’ e-mails may be vulnerable to PRISM
‘Government and security officials in parts of Asia have been sending sensitive information and policy documents via e-mail services offered by U.S. web giants, and concerns are spreading that these may have been monitored and collected by the National Security Agency (NSA)…’

The Mozilla Science Lab
It aims to help researchers transform scientific practice through the open Web

‘The aim of the Science Lab is to foster an ongoing dialogue between the open web community and researchers to tackle this challenge. Together they’ll share ideas, tools and best practices for using next-generation web solutions to solve real problems in science, and explore ways to make research faster, more agile and collaborative.

Digital literacy is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. In academia, skills training to match the tools and technology is still leagues behind where it should be. We need to find a way to better empower students to be “digital researchers” by shortening the gap and providing the means for them to learn how to share, reuse and reproduce research on the web…’

Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze
Readers can search information about the ownership of more than 100,000 offshore entities in tax havens and discover the networks around them.

Police Procedural Tops Mystery/Crime Subgenres



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