Top 100 Most Pirated Files

Cinema Only Plays Film Clips Being Shared Illegally In Real-Time [Video]
‘The Pirate Cinema is an interesting tribute to the world of pirated movies and TV shows – giving visitors a way to actually see what’s happening on one of the largest peer-to-peer websites.

‘Created by Nicolas Maigret and Brendan Howell, the display uses a piece of software to periodically check the top 100 most active torrents on The Pirate Bay. It then downloads these particular files, splitting the duties between five computers, each of which plays the file it’s downloading at the same time…’

Hilarious Reactions to Hashtags Now on Facebook

dashburst-c904a298abe726333c0ac9e8767c3d60‘Since Twitter introduced #hashtags back in the beginning of time, Facebook has finally came around the bend and implemented hashtags as well.

‘But until now the real joke was that, for some reason, people have been using hashtags on Facebook for quite sometime to no greater effect, either by accident or because they thought it was funny or cool, which then spawned an entire series of jokes in response:…’

How to Use Twitter as a Gmail Notifier
‘Did you know that you can follow your Gmail account on Twitter and get notified (via tweets) as soon as new email messages arrive in your Gmail mailbox. And these are private tweets that will be only visible to you.

‘You can also use this trick as a workaround to receive SMS alerts for important Gmail messages on your mobile phone through Twitter. You will only have to turn on mobile notifications for the Twitter account that will be tweeting your Gmail mailbox…’

Essentials of Twitter etiquette
‘Whether tweeting as yourself or from a brand account, there are certain guidelines—let’s call them rules of the road—by which we all must abide. When people don’t follow proper Twitter etiquette, we all cringe, it’s awkward, everyone feels deflated, and you just look unenlightened…’
10 Twitter etiquette rules

Is Your PC a Zombie?
‘Millions of spam messages are sent each day. Hundreds and thousands of computers take part in a (DDoS) distributed denial of service attack against a single Website. The scary part is the fact that your computer may be doing all these things without your knowing anything about it. Your computer may be a zombie and operating as part of a botnet.

‘A zombie computer is one that has been hijacked by someone else and carries out instructions in the background, such as taking part in a DDoS attack, sending out spam, or spreading malware. In the case of a DDoS attack, the computer receives the name of the target Website and instruction on when to begin the attack…’


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