How Society Controls Us

Iran Elections
A vitally important series about how society in general – and schooling in particular – not only “dumb down” the population, but also control its thinking.

It gets off to a slow start, but stick with it.

If you truly get the ideas of this series under your belt, it will change your life.

How to Block the NSA From Your Friends List
‘After recent revelations of NSA spying, it’s difficult to trust large Internet corporations like Facebook to host our online social networks. Facebook is one of nine companies tied to PRISM––perhaps the largest government surveillance effort in world history. Even before this story broke, many social media addicts had lost trust in the company. Maybe now they’ll finally start thinking seriously about leaving the social network giant.

‘Luckily, there are other options, ones that are less vulnerable to government spying and offer users more control over their personal data. But will mass migration from Facebook actually happen?…’

An Ad Industry-friendly Ad Blocker
‘Whenever discussion starts about how to hide from the tracking code that follows users around the web to serve them targeted ads, recommendations soon pile up for a browser add-on called Ghostery. It blocks tracking code, noticeably speeds up how quickly pages load as a result and has roughly 19 million users. Yet few of those who advocate Ghostery as a way to escape the clutches of the online ad industry realize that the company behind it, Evidon, is in fact part of that selfsame industry…’

WaPo Tags Snowden as a ‘Media Visionary’

Politically-motivated Phishing in Iran
‘A massive phishing campaign believed to be motivated by the upcoming Iranian presidential election has been spotted targeting Iranian Gmail users, the company warned in a blog post.

‘The campaign originates from within Iran, stated Eric Grosse, Google’s VP of Security Engineering, and has been going on for the last three weeks.

‘The sent email looks claims to be coming from Google, and urges users to add an alternate email address to their account:…’


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