How Video Led Snowden to Contact Filmmaker

English: A speech in The New York Times newsro...
‘So if you’re looking to stay current with the best documentaries and news videos, make sure you’re subscribed to The I Files. We explore beyond the headlines and always come back with great stories – and we do it all without rifling through your browser history. In other words, we have no idea how many times you’ve Googled your ex…’

Laura Poitras for The New York Times’ Op-Docs

Times of London’s “The Retweeter”
The Times of London’s “The retweeter” to get its journalists to push its stories in social media ➚

‘We posted a piece this morning on one way The Times of London tried, without much success, to get its (hard-paywalled) content noticed by the non-subscribing world. The paper’s Ben Whitelaw just posted about another.

‘The idea here is that, with the paywall, the newspaper’s journalists have to do extra-heavy duty promoting stories in social media, because the general web audience can’t be counted on to do it on their behalf. So The Times built a simple tool that, when an important story is published, sends an email to Times reporters asking them to please retweet it:…’

Want to Tweet at Aliens?
‘Lone Signal’ wants to beam your message to aliens
‘Ever feel that Twitter, Facebook and tumblr just don’t have the reach you were after? That social media is just too, I don’t know … terrestrial?

‘Well, a new company says it will start firing your tweet-length messages and more at distant galactic entities starting tomorrow. First up is Gliese 526, a red dwarf star 17.6 light years away. It may or may not have planets but odds are it does, though civilized plants are a whole other matter…’

How Hashtags Enhance or Spoil Your Social Network
‘Hashtags are more mainstream than ever, but they’re morphing into something way weirder than the search and discovery tools they were meant to be. They can be super annoying when people clutter their posts with 15 different tags in a bid to gain followers (cough #followback cough cough #stopdoingthat cough) but they’re being used in interesting and unexpected ways, too. Depending on where and when you’re throwing down the shift-3, they can enhance or spoil your social media experience…’
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